Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Huawei gets sued by ZTE over 4G patent infringement.

In what is becoming common place in the technology sector, Chinese company ZTE have sued their competitor Huawei Technologies Company Limited, hailing from the same country, over their LTE or long term evolution technology patent.

Both Huawei and ZTE are Asian Companies spreading their services from Asia to Africa and now trying to make inroads into the European market as well. The suit by ZTE was initiated against Huawei after Huawei initiated a similar suit concerning patent infringement of their data card and LTE in some European countries.

Analysts are claiming that this seems to be a move by the companies to compete against each other not only in the market place but also in the court rooms. Huawei is one of the leaders in the mobile phone network sector. ZTE has reportedly revealed that they will protect their intellectual property rights even though they believe that patent competition must not be the main criteria for competing in the industry.

ZTE has also been sued by Ericsson in Great Britain for infringing their patents. Ericsson is also planning to sue ZTE in some other European Countries as well. Other technology companies such are also resorting to law suits to force royalty payments and compete in the market.

Summary: Chinese technology company ZTE has sued their Chinese competitor Huawei Technology Company Limited claiming that they have infringed their long term evolution technology patent. This seems to be a move by ZTE to protect its Intellectual Property at all costs although it is being seen by some analysts that it may be retaliation against previous litigations being initiated against the company by Huawei.