Monday, February 2, 2015

Noodle Restaurant in a Soup

The city of San Francisco hosts two restaurants namely ‘Chubby Noodle’ and ‘Fat Noodle’. When the owners of Chubby heard of a restaurant to be named ‘Fat Noodle’ they sued them for trademark infringement. Chubby claimed that Fat Noodle was “confusingly similar” to its trademarked ‘Chubby Noodle”.

Chubby in its claims alleged that the words ‘chubby’ and ‘fat’ are in fact synonyms and notes that both restaurants’ logos incorporate a stylized bowl with noodles in the bowl. Fat Noodle, on the other hand, claims that the concept for the restaurant was conceived in 2008 which was long before Chubby existed.

Now if the aim of Chubby is to block all restaurants with their names which are synonyms of chubby, it is petty and silly to say the least. The objective of trademarks is not to breed pettiness but to actually protect unique creations. The San Francisco courts will have a huge “chow down” in their Courts soon.

-- Nayanika Singhal