Saturday, August 19, 2017


Sweden and India – A step towards deeper ties between the two nations!

In recent times, IPR has been in limelight in India. The Modi government is trying hard to give a strong IPR regime in India. This will in turn benefit entrepreneurs, investors and businesses. For this purpose, the Cabinet meeting, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi approved the proposed MoU on IPR cooperation between Sweden and India.
The MoU has set up a wide ranging and flexible system through which the two nations can trade best practices and cooperate with each other in organizing training programs and technical exchanges to highlight the issues on IPR and better protection on Intellectual Property Rights among public, SMEs and educational institutions of both the countries.
This in turn would help India to exchange experiences in innovation and IP ecosystem which will also enhance the knowledge of IPR. This will be a giant step towards India becoming a major player in Global Innovation and consequently will also further the objectives of National IPR Policy, 2016. The MoU will also cover cooperation in automation and modernisation projects, new documentation and information system in IP and procedures for management of intellectual property.