Sunday, December 28, 2014

Crocs chasing Bata

Footwear giant Crocs has initiated legal action in India against Bata and a number of other footwear brands including Coqui, Suncorp Exim (for Warner Bros, clogs), Relaxo and Bioworld. Crocs is known for its Swiss cheese-style shoes and has contended that the above mentioned brands have imitated its design. The design of Clogs, its holed, foam-like shoe has been used by these brands to sell their products at a very cheaper rate as compared to price at which they are sold by Crocs. Clogs accounts for more than half of the Colorado-based company's global sales.

Crocs has filed a case in the District Court of Delhi and has obtained interim reliefs of injunction. Most of the cases have now been transferred to the Delhi high court by virtue of applicable statutory provisions. The rulings have subsequently resulted in raids across various stores, including that of Bata's in Delhi and NCR.

-Shambhavi Mishra